Star Wars: Nar Shaddaa

Mission 1, a Smuggler's Run: Landing on Tatooine

Our group of rogues is transporting a shipment of medical and technology supplies to a remote camp of refugees in the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine.

After an uneventful trip through hyperspace and an equally simple landing in a small settlement bordering the wastes, our group set about preparing for their exhibition.

Melenia Durren, the crew’s chief pilot, and her droid D3-K4 secured their docking port and registered the ship with local authorities — however, they registered the ship’s owner under the name “Askar Rens,” in the hope of throwing off any pursuers should the group’s adventures on Tatooine turn south.
Jos Par and Arctan Meeso sought out further work at the local cantina, discovering a few bounties and rewards being offered for various services.
The mute wookiee Rorworr sought out a local chop-shop and engaged in some aggressive bartering with the dug proprietor, eventually walking away with a decrepit shield generator and a few spare tools.
The crew’s competing commanders, Thane Okeer and Jerec, obtained vehicular transport for the group’s journey into the Jundland Wastes and returned to the ship to load up the supplies.
During all of this, Frakthroh the Felucian was entirely out of his element and frantically sought ways to keep himself hydrated in this desert climate. When Thane and Jerec returned with the freight speeder, he assisted them and Melenia in loading the supplies.

With everything in order, the team set out for the Jundland Wastes.

Though it was nearing dark, the group had learned from various locals that the wastes shouldn’t be as dangerous as usual, and so they decided to leave at first sunset in order to avoid the heat of the day.

While most of their journey was uneventful, thanks to the navigational skills of several Fraktroh and others, the group was set on upon by tusken raiders deep in the labyrinthine canyons of the wastes. Following a heated battle between the smuggling rouges and the tukens involving sniper wars, incompetent melee fighters, several grenades, and a literal bantha rush, the team found itself victorious and ready to move on.

But even victory was not without its conflicts. In the aftermath of the battle, Jos Par and Melenia Durren came into heated conflict with each other over the fate of the lone tusken survivor, and nearly drew blasters on each other over the dispute.

In the end, the silent Rorworr intervened, tending to the tusken’s wounds, binding him in rope, and hoisting him upon his shoulders.

With tensions diffused, but communication diminishing, our group of rogues continues on toward their destination, and the completion of their first mission…



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