"Sentience does not impose value. Not in a droid."


D3-K4, ‘Deka’

Small 1st-degree droid
Scoundrel(Level 1)
Initiative +2; Senses Perception +7
Languages Basic, Binary, High Galactic, Huttese
Defenses Reflex 15(Flat-footed 13), Fortitude 9, Will 14
HP 18; Threshold 9
Talents Trace(Slicer tree)
Feats Logic Upgrade: Skill Swap(House Rules, see Scavenger’s Guide book), Point Blank Shot, Weapon Proficiency(Pistols, Simple Weapons)
General Skill Description
In spite of its unique programming quirks and mysterious origins, D3-K4 was clearly designed for the role of a computer technician. Its skill in computers and mechanics, as well as its vast degree of scientific knowledge, are testament to this function. Though it is equipped with a blaster pistol appendage, this weapon is largely a tool of last resort. In addition to the many practical knowledges, D3-K4 also seems to have a large wealth of ‘junk’ data, from popular holovid movies to intergalactic census data and treatises on politics and government.
Note: Due to the unique software issues imposed by this droid’s basic processor conflicting with its own artificial intelligence, D3-K4 is capable of ‘reallocating’ its data to ‘swap skills.’ In effect, D3-K4 can temporarily reduce one of its skill aptitudes by allocating archived data in its place, allowing it to be more versatile than most basic processors allow.

The Askar Program and its Conflicts
Generally, Askar is ‘engaged,’ allowing Deka to make his own decisions based on Askar’s personality, and allowing him to re-allocate his data stores to become more flexible at tasks as noted above. However, certain behavioral inhibitions still affect Deka; namely, he must follow direct commands by his owner, and he may not directly harm sentient beings unless it is an act of defense(of himself or his owner). When Askar is disengaged, his vocabulator no longer has a library of responses to draw from, rendering him bound to Binary. Deka’s basic core is also incapable of allowing harm to come to sentient beings under any conditions, and cannot perform illegal activities. Deka reboots whenever he disables to recharge(one hour for every hundred hours), and when rebooting he must have Askar reactivated. Recently, Deka has also experienced a few random crashes with Askar, often when conducting extremely elaborate computer skills which Askar’s own databanks do not support.


Explaining ‘who’ D3-K4 is and where he came from is a unique challenge. The droid has a sort of multiple-personality disorder afflicting its systems, born of a conflict between its basic capabilities and an artificial intelligence far too powerful and unique to be so contained. Because this artificial intelligence poses itself as D3-K4’s ‘dominant’ personality, it is perhaps easier to go into what that program is – however, what few details can be explained only serve to show just how little is actually known.

It isn’t certain, based on D3-K4’s damaged memory, whether the Nautolan called ‘Askar Rens’ is still alive. It isn’t even really clear when this Nautolan created the program in his image, or if there was a Nautolan at all. In any case, Askar Rens is the name of the AI, and its limited memory can grant a murky glimpse into the criminal underworld of Nar Shadaa.

Askar Rens once lived on the Nautolan homeworld, Glee Anselm. There, he had a wife named Kisra List, and a daughter named Pilos. At some point, Askar was approached by the intergalactic criminal association called Black Sun and began employment with them, seemingly under duress. Askar’s family was not at risk, however, and was apparently left in the dark about the entire affair. Over an uncertain period of years, Askar designed droids for Black Sun’s enforcers, and was allowed limited and supervised holographic contact with his family back on Glee Anselm. Over his career with Black Sun, Askar’s freedoms were pared down until he could no longer speak with his family. Fearing that they might investigate and be hurt, Askar designed a simple artificial intelligence program to imitate him when his family called. At first, the duplicate Askar could only make simple responses before turning his family away to ‘continue his work,’ yet…Nautolans are sensitive creatures. Askar could not stand knowing how his family worried and the absence he left in their lives; to alleviate this, he developed his program to be able to carry on conversation realistically, to give his family more of a presence. Black Sun oversaw his work, so it can be implied that Askar was important enough to them to justify such a time-consuming pet project, if it meant Askar could effectively ‘write off’ his family and focus on work from then on. Based on Askar’s personality as displayed in D3-K4, it would not be like him to turn away from his loved ones so easily. D3-K4 has, however, proposed that the ‘Askar’ that makes up his personality could very well be more caring about his family than its creator was. This proposition brings into question whether the duplicate Askar is really identical to the original, or if it is some sort of idealized personality.

How Askar’s program wound up in a droid is a mystery, but given that the AI possesses a rudimentary ability to override droid function, D3-K4 believes that the program was intended for a droid, just not this one. It is possible that Askar was transported in a more standard protocol droid – something with a heuristic processor that could handle its limited sapience – but somehow, that program wound up in an underworld 1st-degree droid.

The history of the droid itself, prior to Askar’s merging, is also just bits and pieces. The droid was moved in a shipment from Bothan space to Nar Shadaa by the smuggler, Melenia Durren, and it was she who noticed that somehow over the course of transit, this seemingly-disabled droid had turned itself on and managed to escape its crate. At the time, Askar’s AI asserted itself and moved the droid from the crate, but the effort to overrule behavioral inhibitors caused the AI to crash. When Melenia activated the droid, it rebooted its basic processor and remained subservient to her commands. According to the droid’s database, the total amount of 1200 credits was exchanged from a buyer to Melenia’s employer, and due to its inability to process it concluded that Melenia had purchased it – as such, command of the droid passed to her. D3-K4 then reported a catastrophic major programming malfunction related to its last boot-up.

Melenia did not investigate this error for a while, as she was too distracted by the 1200 credits she found the Brokers were demanding from her. When she did, however, Askar’s programming re-emerged in a damaged state. Askar had no memory of much that had transpired since its initial programming. The conflicts between Askar’s program and D3-K4’s processor, in addition to a crippling data leak leading to its previous crash both contributed to an immense loss of history. Askar filled in the gaps with what data remained, but for almost a year he struggled with the perception that he was a Nautolan somehow trapped in the constricting code of a droid.

Askar has since ‘matured,’ in a sense, and returned to being addressed simply as D3-K4, or ‘Deka’ for simplicity. To this day, he bears no more illusions of being a true Nautolan, nor does he have any desire to unravel the frayed data of his past. Though Askar compels him to discover what happened to his family and to rediscover who he is(or was), Deka has cobbled together his own identity as a simple droid with a wealth of software errors. Some of these errors grant him his sapience, and for that he is thankful, however he feels that any ‘emotion’ or ‘desire’ simply clutters up his basic functioning. He refuses to acknowledge Askar’s desires as anything more than junk software, but without Askar he would be entirely incapable of making his own decisions or performing any tasks he wasn’t previously programmed to.

The debt to the Brokers has yet to be paid, clearly there was a reason why Askar wound up where he was, how he had those memories…and try as he might, Deka cannot hide in his hardware and pretend that being an ‘appliance’ makes him exempt from emotional obligations.


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