Star Wars: Nar Shaddaa

Mission 1, a Smuggler's Run: Surprising Situations

After their harrowing confrontations with both the Tusken Raiders and then each other, our heroes continued on through the Jundland Wastes toward the refugee camp. Along the way, Rorworr nursed his Tusken charge back to health. Once the Tusken had awoken, Rorworr marched off into the wilderness with the creature in tow, much to the confusion of the rest of the group.

After a brief debate, the group decided to wait for the Wookiee to return before continuing on. Two hours passed, and still the Wookiee had not returned. So, realizing that few Tusken Raiders read Shyriiwook, Thane Okeer convinced his companions to continue on toward their goal, promising that he would write directions for Rorworr to follow.

Meanwhile, having marched long enough to nearly reach the edge of the Wastes, Rorworr deposited his Tusken captive, unbound him, and indicated that the creature should leave. Confused, but likely grateful, the Tusken accepted rations from the Wookiee before Rorworr turned to go.

Unknown to everyone, Jos Par had followed Rorworr and his captive. Waiting in the shadows for the wookiee to leave, Jos Par then confronted the newly-freed Tusken and attempted to subdue him in hand-to-hand combat. Unfortunately for the enigmatic Kel Dor, he either underestimated the physical prowess of the Tusken people, or else overestimated his own. The Tusken nearly took down this fragile member of our heroic party, but Jos Par overcame him in the end, nearly killing the raider with a blaster bolt to the shoulder.

With the immediate danger having passed, the Kel Dor bound the Tusken as best he could and placed several packs of rations in a trail just barely out of reach for the unconscious foe. In this way, our hero left him to return to his companions.

A few hours later, both Rorworr and Jos Par reached the crossroads where they had left their party, somewhat surprised to find themselves abandoned. Noticing the scrawled Shyriiwook on the canyon walls, however, they soon set off to begin their navigation back toward the rest of the group.

By this time, the bulk of our heroes had penetrated some of the deepest and densest areas of the Jundland wastes with their cargo in tow. As they came around a bend, they found a most curious sight: a man wearing desert survival gear with three seemingly-docile womp rats lounging at his feet.

Several of the group thought this strange (though not Thane Okeer, who could not for the life of him remember what a womp rat was), yet they were not truly worried until the Desert Man began to ask questions.

“Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going?”

The man was suspicious. Thane Okeer, always willing to negotiate, attempted to explain our heroes’ situation to the man — telling him that they came to bring new supplies to a refugee camp in the area.

The man seemed to grow more suspicious the more the party spoke. After a failed attempt by Jerec to mind trick the man into believing their tale, the Desert Man grew alarmed, frightened, and even a bit paranoid.

“Who did that?” he said. “Which one of you did that?”

Not realizing that one of his allies had just attempted to use the Force on this man, Thane Okeer was unable to give a satisfactory answer to the man’s questions. As a result, the man shot him.

Stunned by the sudden blast to the chest, Thane Okeer dropped to the ground as the rest of his companions joined the fray. Melenia Durren snapped off a few shots at the man before dropping to the floor of the speeder herself to avoid the devastating barrages from the man’s blaster rifle. Meanwhile, the Iktotchi hunter Arctan Meeso and the Felucian slave Frakthroh engaged the womp rats in a melee frenzy, attempting to keep them away from the supply speeder, as well as the rest of their companions. The technical droid D3-K4, seeing his friend and mistress Melenia pinned down by the desert man, rose out of the speeder and positioned himself for a crucially accurate shot against the rifleman, dropping him to his knees.

It was after this decisive shot that the tide of the battle turned. The womp rats surrounded “Deka” and pummeled his chrome exterior until he was damage beyond functioning. In addition, after taking a moment to recover from the droid’s blaster shot, the desert man revealed his true nature by tearing away his burdensome survival gear and igniting a bright blue lightsaber.

Suddenly both guilty and afraid at the thought of fighting a Jedi, our heroes knew not what to do until Jerec leapt atop the supplies piled into the speeder and ignited his own vibrant green lightsaber, revealing himself as a Jedi to both the man and his companions for the first time.

Unfortunately for him, this did little to deter the man, who also leaped atop the the speeder after incapacitating the Felucian with a single strike. The two stared each other down and a tense negotiation followed wherein Jerec managed to convince the man to take our heroes peaceably to the refugee camp — with the condition that they would go willingly bound and blindfolded.

Not knowing if Jerec had saved the party or doomed them, our rogues prepared for their uncertain future…

Mission 1, a Smuggler's Run: Landing on Tatooine

Our group of rogues is transporting a shipment of medical and technology supplies to a remote camp of refugees in the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine.

After an uneventful trip through hyperspace and an equally simple landing in a small settlement bordering the wastes, our group set about preparing for their exhibition.

Melenia Durren, the crew’s chief pilot, and her droid D3-K4 secured their docking port and registered the ship with local authorities — however, they registered the ship’s owner under the name “Askar Rens,” in the hope of throwing off any pursuers should the group’s adventures on Tatooine turn south.
Jos Par and Arctan Meeso sought out further work at the local cantina, discovering a few bounties and rewards being offered for various services.
The mute wookiee Rorworr sought out a local chop-shop and engaged in some aggressive bartering with the dug proprietor, eventually walking away with a decrepit shield generator and a few spare tools.
The crew’s competing commanders, Thane Okeer and Jerec, obtained vehicular transport for the group’s journey into the Jundland Wastes and returned to the ship to load up the supplies.
During all of this, Frakthroh the Felucian was entirely out of his element and frantically sought ways to keep himself hydrated in this desert climate. When Thane and Jerec returned with the freight speeder, he assisted them and Melenia in loading the supplies.

With everything in order, the team set out for the Jundland Wastes.

Though it was nearing dark, the group had learned from various locals that the wastes shouldn’t be as dangerous as usual, and so they decided to leave at first sunset in order to avoid the heat of the day.

While most of their journey was uneventful, thanks to the navigational skills of several Fraktroh and others, the group was set on upon by tusken raiders deep in the labyrinthine canyons of the wastes. Following a heated battle between the smuggling rouges and the tukens involving sniper wars, incompetent melee fighters, several grenades, and a literal bantha rush, the team found itself victorious and ready to move on.

But even victory was not without its conflicts. In the aftermath of the battle, Jos Par and Melenia Durren came into heated conflict with each other over the fate of the lone tusken survivor, and nearly drew blasters on each other over the dispute.

In the end, the silent Rorworr intervened, tending to the tusken’s wounds, binding him in rope, and hoisting him upon his shoulders.

With tensions diffused, but communication diminishing, our group of rogues continues on toward their destination, and the completion of their first mission…

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